Advanced Liquids and solids NIR Analysis at the point of need

The QuasIR™ 4000 was designed from the ground up to offer the industry a new kind of NIR analysis solution – a solution that brings together the portability required to move NIR analysis closer to point-of-need, combined with unmatched spectroscopic performance for the fastest and most accurate results.  It was engineered to ensure direct calibration transfer without the frustration of standardizing instruments or adjusting models to accommodate excessive instrument variability. The heart of the QuasIR™ 4000 is our PermAlign™ optics technology, an innovative optical design that maintains alignment and performance under conditions from the routine to the extreme. Our technology and design ensure unmatched consistency and direct methods transfer with no loss in performance so you can expand your QuasIR™ fleet with confidence.

Rugged FT-NIR Spectrometers for Lab, process, and field

Experts know that good NIR results always start with good sampling and this means a large measurement spot size and the largest possible sampling volume. With that in mind, the QuasIR™ 4000 was engineered with an enhanced 23 mm sampling area, which is up to 5 times larger than competitive products. Our large sampling area with scratch resistant sapphire window helps produce better and more reproducible results. An internal background shutter mechanism permits automatic collection of background scans without the need for external reference materials or user interaction. An optional, easy-to-attach spinner further increases the sampling area, and various sampling cups and accessories increase the versatility of the instrument.

Additionally, the QuasIR™ 4000 includes a transmission chamber that holds a cuvette or vial. Optional temperature control is available to enable a wide range of applications. Transmission samples such as edible oils, lubricants, and fuels can be easily analyzed for quality control or adulteration.

    • 20,000-hour user replaceable NIR source
    • > 10-year laser life
    • > 10-year interferometer drive
    • User replaceable desiccant
    • Operated by standard Windows™ PC


Natural products, livestock, grains, flour milling, biofuels, corn & oilseed processing


Edible oils, meat, dairy, spices, snacks, alcoholic beverages, baked products, non-alcoholic beverages

Feed & Forage

Animal feed, feed ingredients, forages, pet food

Chemicals & Polymers

Hydroxyl number, raw materials purity & confirmation, residual solvents analysis, additives, and monomers analysis


Drug manufacturing, raw materials ID, advanced ID, counterfeit drug screening


Whole leaf, cut tobacco, reconstituted tobacco and chewing tobacco

Other Industries

It is not feasible to list all the industries we serve.  Aggregate, mining, and academia are amongst many others. If you are uncertain if our technology can meet your needs, please contact us to discuss the details of your application or to request a feasibility study.

General Specification


Alternate Value/Benefit

Dimensions (W x D x H)

44.5 x 24.1 x 14.5 cm

17.52 x 9.49 x 5.71 in.


< 9.6 kg

< 21.2 lbs.

Operating Temperature

0°C- 40°C, < 95% humidity, Non-condensing

32° F to 104°F

Enclosure Protection

IP64 (dust and water)

Sampling Mode(s)

Diffuse Reflectance for solids, Transmission for liquids

Maximum signal and collection efficiency

Sampling Device

1) High performance gold-coated integrating sphere

2) Transmission cell with optional temperature control

Maximum signal and collection efficiency

Automated Verification & Instrument Diagnostics

Automatic, internal, 4-position validation wheel

Continuous performance monitoring

Wavelength Range

12,000 – 4,000 cm-1

833 – 2,500 nm


TE cooled InGaAs

Laser Life

> 10 years

Low downtime & ownership costs

NIR Source Life

> 10 years

Low downtime & ownership costs


User Replaceable

Low ownership costs

Direct calibration transfer

Historically, transferring NIR calibrations from one instrument to another has been a challenging task. One of the greatest advantages of FT-NIR technology is direct calibration transfer. NIR calibration can easily be transferred from one FT-NIR instrument to another even if it is not the same model or made by the same manufacturer.

Calibration Transfer Made Easy
Robust FT-NIR

Rugged, compact and portable design

Galaxy Scientific FT-NIR spectrometers combine portability and performance to get the near infrared results you need, where and when you need them. Our robust and compact design is dust proof and splash proof and can be taken outside the lab to the point-of-need. Our near-infrared spectrometers are lightweight with a small footprint and quickly attach to a laptop or tablet computer, can operate from a variety of power sources, and have a rugged design that ensures they can be moved without damage.

High-Performance Measurements

Galaxy Scientific’s high-performance FT-NIR technology offers significant advantages such as high spectral resolution, best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio, inherently stable wavelength accuracy, and full spectral range. All models utilize Galaxy’s PermAlign™ Fourier Transform Technology, taking near-infrared instrumentation to the next level by offering incredibly high-performance measurements in a small, portable design. Benefits include permanent interferometer alignment, small & lightweight design, and robust field operation

High Resolution FT-NIR

Depot Service & Low cost of ownership

Galaxy Scientific products were designed to be compact, precise, and economical. Our QuasIR™ Series of near infrared spectrometers use a temperature stabilized solid-state laser that offers a compact configuration, excellent wavelength stability, and a typical lifetime of over 10 years. In addition, our instruments use a special compact lamp that offers a typical lifetime of 20,000 hours and an inexpensive replacement cost. Galaxy Scientific’s QuasIR™ has a wear-free interferometer drive that comes with a 10-year warranty, and user replaceable desiccant.

This compact design allows us to offer “depot service” meaning our products can be easily shipped via standard shipping methods, without the need for a freight shipment. A product can be overnighted to us, evaluated and repaired (if needed) upon receipt and then overnighted back to our customer. This is much cheaper and faster than having to send a specialist to the customer site…

Simple Installation by User

Galaxy Scientific products are designed to be easily installed by the end user and without the need for an expensive on-site product start-up by our experts.

Easy To Use

Large sampling design for measurements in solids

The QuasIR 4000 is equipped with a high-performance gold-coated integrating sphere for NIR analysis in solids.  It has an enhanced 23 mm sampling area, which is up to 5 times larger than competitive products.  The large sampling area, with scratch-resistant sapphire window, helps produce better, more reproducible results.

Transmission Measurements for Liquids

The QuasIR 4000 is also equipped with a temperature-controlled transmission cell for NIR analysis in liquids.  The liquids samples can be heated or cooled to a consistent temperature to improve the accuracy and repeatability of the measurements.

QuasIR 4000 Spectrometer

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