Fiber optic FT-NIR spectrometer for lab, at-line, and field

The NF2000 Portable Fiber Optic FT-NIR Spectrometer was designed from the ground up to offer the industry a new kind of NIR analysis solution – a solution that brings together the portability required to move NIR analysis closer to point-of-need, combined with unmatched spectroscopic performance for the fastest and most accurate results. It delivers a wide range of technical innovations including our PermAlign™ interferometer optics, industry leading sampling accessory designs, and new concepts in software and algorithms such as our Advanced-ID™ software for low concentration targeted screening.

The NF2000 fiber optic FT-NIR was engineered to ensure direct calibration transfer without the frustration of standardizing instruments or adjusting models to accommodate excessive instrument variability. The heart of the NF2000 is our PermAlign™ optics technology, an innovative optical design that maintains alignment and performance under conditions from the routine to the extreme. Our technology and design ensure unmatched consistency and direct methods transfer with no loss in performance so you can expand your Galaxy Scientific’s spectrometers fleet with confidence.

The NF2000 Spectrometer is a versatile instrument and can be used with different types of fiber optic probe for fast NIR analysis in liquid or solid samples. It can be used at different locations within your plant and process. From incoming materials testing to NIR analysis in your lab, to instantaneous measurements at-line. It can also be taken to the field for fast NIR analysis at the point of need.