Advanced FT-NIR Analysis for Food Industry

Food industry is one of the oldest and largest industries worldwide.  It is the most important industry to humankind and includes multiple sub industries such as meat, dairy, beverages, snacks, baked products, raw fruits and vegetables, edible oils, spices and much more.  Over the years, a complex network of trusted food producers and manufacturers was developed to produce food to feed over 7 billion people around the globe. 

Cutting raw materials and production costs while ensuring food safety and quality is a daunting task to all those food producers and manufacturers.  The variation in natural ingredients used for food manufacturing presents challenges for quality control, often resulting in undesirable or discarded products and revenue loss.  Traditional methods for monitoring various quality parameters of interest include HPLC, GC, wet chemistry and tasting of final products.  These methods are labor intensive, time-consuming, can only measure one parameter at a time, can require the use of expensive solvents and reagents, and are often ill-suited for real-time process measurements.

FT-NIR spectroscopic analysis is fast, requires no sample preparation, and can analyze multiple parameters with a single measurement.  Over the years, Galaxy Scientific Inc. has provided rugged and high-performance FT-NIR spectrometers and analyzers to food processors worldwide. 

Galaxy Scientific’s product line includes Near Infrared analyzers that can be used throughout the food manufacturing plant and process.  Our products can be used to inspect incoming raw materials, in a lab for quick samples analysis, near production line or on-line for continuous process monitoring. 

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