QuasIR 1000 
FT-NIR Spectrometer for Liquids NIR Analysis

The QuasIR 1000 is an FT-NIR spectrometer that brings together portability with unmatched spectroscopic performance.  It features a transmission chamber that can hold various sizes of cuvettes and glass vials up to 10mm.  Optional temperature control is offered; the sample compartment can be heated to 100C or cooled to 20C, for a wide range of applications. Liquid samples such as edible oils, lubricants, and fuels can be easily analyzed for quality control or adulteration.

The QuasIR 1000 NIR liquids analyzer ensures direct calibration transfer without the frustration of standardizing instruments or adjusting models to accommodate excessive instrument variability. The heart of the QuasIR 1000 is our PermAlign™ optics technology, an innovative optical design that maintains alignment and performance under conditions from the routine to the extreme. Our technology and design ensure unmatched consistency and direct methods transfer with no loss in performance so you can expand your QuasIR fleet with confidence. With PermAlign, you never need to make instrument adjustments and you can always have confidence in your results.