Bringing near infrared analysis to the point of need!

Galaxy Scientific is specialized in the development and manufacturing of high performance, rugged and portable near infrared spectrometers for quantitative and qualitative NIR analysis in the lab, process, and field. We are proud to continuously serve multiple industries worldwide. From food to agriculture, chemicals to pharmaceuticals, our wide range of near infrared spectrometers are known for their reliability and are used daily to ensure product quality and improve the consistency of manufacturing processes.

Our FT-NIR line of products is suitable for laboratory use, but unlike most other high performance NIR spectrometers, our NIR analyzers can also be taken into the field, near the manufacturing process line or installed above a conveyor belt for rapid monitoring of multiple parameters. The traditional primary lab methods, such as chemical and chromatographic methods, used to analyze samples are labor intensive, often require the use of solvents and reagents, can only measure one parameter at a time, and are extremely time-consuming. Our FT-NIR spectroscopic analysis is fast, requires no sample preparation, and can determine multiple parameters with a single measurement.


Natural products, livestock, grains, flour milling, biofuels, corn & oilseed processing

Chemicals & Polymers

Hydroxyl number, raw materials purity & confirmation, residual solvents analysis, additives and monomers analysis

Feed & Forage

Animal feed, feed ingredients, forages, pet food


Edible oils, meat, dairy, spices, snacks, alcoholic beverages, baked products, non-alcoholic beverages


Drug manufacturing, raw materials ID, advanced ID, counterfeit drug screening


Whole leaf, cut tobacco, reconstituted tobacco and chewing tobacco

Other Industries

It is not feasible to list all the industries we serve.  Aggregate, mining, academia are amongst many others. If you are uncertain if our technology can meet your needs, please contact us to discuss the details of your application or to request a feasibility study.