QuasIR™ 2000E
Reliable On-line NIR analysis for improved process quality and consistency!

Galaxy Scientific’s QuasIR™ 2000E process FT-NIR analyzer is designed for continuous measurement of the chemical composition of material transported on a conveyor belt, through a pipe, or in a chute.  Our unique external projection optics use high powered tungsten lamps to illuminate the sample from as far as 30 inches away and collect the scattered reflection off the sample through a fiber optic cable. The analysis spot size can be set as small as 3″ or as large as 6″ in diameter and can be custom tailored to applications needs.

The QuasIR™ 2000E process analyzer uses FT-NIR technology to deliver the most repeatable and accurate real-time results. Our rugged PermAlign™ interferometer optics deliver results in environments where other interferometers fail. Full compatibility with popular process control and chemometric software means the QuasIR™ 2000E process Near Infrared analyzer can be integrated into almost any process environment.

Key applications include mining, food production, recycling, web processing, in-process quality control, and much more. Gain real-time insight into mixing, drying, curing, baking, polymerization, and in-process concentrations. Monitor processes for critical quality parameters.