Galaxy Scientific Introduces QuasIR 2000 with Large Area Diffuse Reflectance Probe

Nashua, NH (February 22, 2021):  Galaxy Scientific is proud to announce that its QuasIR 2000 fiber optic FT-NIR spectrometer is now available with a new proprietary large area diffuse reflectance probe.  The new probe transforms fiber optic near-infrared measurements with a much larger sampling area for more accurate and repeatable NIR measurements of inhomogeneous samples. The probe is available in contact or non-contact configurations.

The new QuasIR 2000 with large area probe is very versatile and can be used for many different applications within the food, agriculture, cannabis, pharma, chemicals, and polymer industries.  It can be supplied with a triggered probe or stand-alone probe for quick reliable analysis of incoming materials, outgoing products, and process monitoring and control.

New Probe Highlights and Specifications:

o    Non-contact diffuse reflectance near-infrared measurements.

o    Measurement Area: ~ 8 mm diameter circle (~ 50 mm2 area).

o    Sensing distance: up to 8 mm from the tip of the probe.

o    Capable of operating up to 100 degrees C and 500 PSI.

o    Easy to clean tip.

o    High sensitivity with minimal internal reflection.

o    Different probe lengths available.

o    Probe Body made of 316 / 316L Stainless Steel (or as requested).

o    SMA905 fiber optic connections.


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To download a PDF copy of the press release, please click here.