QuasIR™ Series FT-NIR is Now Compatible with Symbion Software

Symbion DX™ and RX™  Manages Measurement Process During Online Analysis

Galaxy Scientific is pleased to announce that the QuasIR™ Series of Portable FT-NIR Instruments is now compatible with Symbion software. The Symbion DX™ and RX™ Process Analytical Software Suite manages the measurement process during online analysis. Some of the key features of this software include:

  • Sample system design and control
  • Simultaneous control of multiple analyzers
  • Extraction of process variable information from the raw data
  • Real-time trending of any number of streams
  • System diagnostics and alarming
  • Choice of file-based or database storage

Symbion DX™ is easy-to-use and offers extensive capabilities for calibration, validation, and documentation. Symbion RX™ provides the added security precautions needed to ensure compliance in highly regulated environments. Both software suites work in Windows (XP and 10).

For more information, contact Galaxy Scientific.