Diffuse Reflectance Trigger Probe

The Diffuse Reflectance Trigger Probe combines our high-performance, patterned diffuse reflectance fiber optics with visual and haptic feedback.  It is ideal for routine inspection and quality control analysis. Compatible with the QuasIR™ 2000, the Trigger Probe can speed up the measurement process for powders and other solids.

With its hot swappable design, the Trigger Probe attaches quickly and easily to the QuasIR™ 2000 using two SMA 905 fiber connectors and a sealed IP65 electrical connector. Comfortable and lightweight, the ergonomic grip provides a simple point and pull interface to start data collection. To begin the measurement, the user places the tip of the probe in contact with a sample and pulls the trigger. An “In Progress” signal will activate, indicating that the measurement is proceeding.  Upon completion, the probe gives visual and haptic feedback signaling that the probe can be removed from the sample.  The probe will then light Pass or Fail to instantly display the result of the analysis.

  • Ergonomic grip with trigger to start collection
  • Three easily visible indicators show the result of the analysis (Pass, Fail, In Progress)
  • Haptic vibration feedback to indicate completion of the collection process
  • SMA type 905 fiber connectors with armored fiber optic cable
  • 10mm diameter, stainless steel probe ferrule
  • 15cm probe length

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  • Counterfeit Material Identification
  • Raw Material Identification
  • Routine QA/QC Measurements
  • Pharmaceutical / Food / Materials Testing / Recycling
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