Diffuse Reflectance Probe

Fiber probes are readily available from a number of sources, but many of the diffuse reflectance probes use a randomized bundle of fibers. This means that spectra acquired using two probes may be slightly different. We have solved this problem by developing a proprietary design that uses a reproducible fiber layout in the probe.

Our design ensures that, with the exception of six fibers at the edges, all the launch fibers are surrounded by collection fibers. This maximizes the amount of reflected light collected by the probe. The number and diameter of the launch fibers was designed to throughput match the interferometer, maximizing performance.

This probe can be used to measure powders and solids directly by diffuse reflectance.

This probe also comes with an adjustable probe stand and sample platform. The probe stand has a folding design for portability, and non-slip feet for stability. It’s height and angle can be adjusted to suit application needs.

  • SMA type 905 fiber connectors
  • 316 stainless steel body and armored cable
  • Ordered fiber arrangement maximizes optical efficiency
  • Dimensions:
    • 10mm diameter body
    • 15 cm probe length
    • 1.5m fiber length
    • Custom dimensions available upon request
  • Collapsible sample probe holder and removable sample platform combine convenience and portability

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