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AZO Materials Publishes Latest Article About FT-NIR Analyzers from Galaxy Scientific

Instrument to Instrument Model Transfer from FT-NIR to FT-NIR 

Until recently, commercial near-infrared spectrometers (NIR) have been either high-performance, with high resolution and broad spectral range for laboratory use or portable and with low performance. Galaxy Scientific offers a new, high-performance, portable NIR solution with both the analytical performance and portability required for today’s applications. The QuasIR™ series analyzer is a Fourier-transform near infrared spectrometer (FT-NIR ) that weighs less than 8.5 kg, occupies 45x24x14 cm3, and is battery operated. It is portable and, at the same time, delivers high performance. In this study, we examine the spectra collected on a high-performance bench top FT-NIR instrument with spectra collected on our portable FT-NIR instrument to validate spectra compatibility and qualitative/quantitative model transferability and predict application performance.

QuasIR 2000 FT-NIR with fiber optic probe and stand


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