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The Benefits of Edible Oils Analysis Using FT-NIR Instrumentation

AZO Materials Publishes Latest Article about Galaxy Scientific’s Near Infrared Analyzers

Fats and oils are recognized as essential nutrients in human diets and are presented in varying amounts in many foods. They not only provide the human body with a concentrated source of energy but also supply essential fatty acids that are precursors for important hormones. The quality of edible fats and oils are assessed through parameters such as iodine value (IV), trans content, peroxide value (PV), anisidine value (AV), saponification number (SN), free fatty acids (FFA), and solid fat content (SFC). The traditional chemical and chromatographic methods used to analyze edible fats and oils are labor-intensive, require the use of solvents and reagents, and are extremely time-consuming.

FT-NIR spectroscopic analysis of fats and oils is fast, requires no sample preparation, and can analyze multiple parameters with a single measurement. An infrared spectrum of an oil contains a wealth of information that can be used to determine important factors.

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