Chart of Common NIR Absorption Bands

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Galaxy Scientific, a manufacturer of FT-NIR instrumentation for industrial use, is pleased to offer a Chart of Near-Infrared Absorption Bands in printed poster or PDF format.

This chart shows the wavenumber and wavelength ranges corresponding to common NIR absorbance peaks used in optical spectroscopy.  The chart covers the optical range of 4000 cm-1 to 14000 cm-1 (or 2500 nm to 700 nm) and shows the combination bands as well as first, second, and third overtones for common functional groups. The functional groups covered include the following: CH, CH2, CH3, CHO, NH2, OH, ArOh, ArCH, CONH2, and H2O.  Use these common functional groups to look up where to expect near-infrared absorptions in edible oils, polymers, sugars, and other organic materials.

You can download a free PDF of this chart here.

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