Galaxy Scientific will be exhibiting FT-NIR Instrumentation at PITTCON 2017

The Latest Innovation in Near Infrared Analyzers

March 5 – 9, 2017

McCormick Place, Chicago IL

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Galaxy Scientific Announces New Line of FT-NIR Spectrometers

Nashua, NH – February 10, 2016 – Galaxy Scientific is proud to introduce the next generation of portable FT-NIR analyzers at the Pittsburgh Conference (Pittcon) in Atlanta, GA, on March 7-10, 2016. The QuasIR™ product line brings together the portability required to move NIR analysis closer to the point-of-need with unmatched spectroscopic performance necessary for the fastest and most accurate results. These spectrometers are ready for field or laboratory use, with options for fiber optic probes, large area diffuse reflectance sampling for inhomogeneous solids, and temperature-controlled transmission measurements. The PermAlign™ optics technology at the heart of the instruments ensures excellent instrument accuracy and repeatability, even under extreme conditions. Easy-to-use SpectalSage™ software combined with powerful algorithms, such as the Advanced-ID software, make implementation fast and accessible.

QuasIR™ 2000 – Compact, portable, and high-performance FT-NIR spectrometer with fiber optic probe for lab, field, and on-line applications.

QuasIR™ 3000 – Compact, portable, and high performance FT-NIR spectrometer with large area integrating sphere for measuring inhomogeneous samples such as powders, grains, and other solids.

QuasIR™ 4000 – All the features of the QuasIR™ 3000 FT-NIR analyzer plus a temperature-controlled transmission chamber for measuring liquids such as edible oils, fuels, and lubricants.

Galaxy Scientific’s team of application scientists has a wide range of experience in agricultural, industrial, and pharmaceutical measurements and can assist with building new calibrations or transferring existing methods. To learn more, come and meet the team at booth 558 at Pittcon 2016 or visit the website at www.galaxy-scientific.com.

About Galaxy Scientific

Galaxy Scientific, an industry pioneer in portable optical spectroscopy, is an agile innovator, enabling organizations to use the power of optical spectroscopy to analyze and authenticate important chemicals and materials. The QuasIR™ family of instruments uses Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) technology based on novel PermAlign™ optics to ensure unmatched instrument accuracy and repeatability, even under extreme conditions. Founded in 2013, Galaxy Scientific is a privately owned company headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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