Raw Material Verification Through Plastic and Paper

When raw materials are purchased, it is critically important to verify that the correct materials have been received for quality, regulatory, and economic reasons. Often these raw materials, such as food or pharmaceutical ingredients, are transported in plastic bags or paper packaging that can be opened to perform a verification test using analytical techniques such as assays or infrared spectroscopy. However, opening material packaging has several disadvantages:

  • Decreased Cleanliness and Sterility
  • Increased Spoilage
  • Risks to Personnel Safety

Few technologies exist today that allow sampling of raw materials through their packaging. Near-infrared spectroscopy holds promise for sampling through packaging and containers because it can penetrate several millimeters into a material, thus seeing the characteristics of both the packaging material and the sample contained within.

When modern Fourier Transform near-infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometers, like Galaxy Scientific’s QuasIR™ series, are coupled with novel chemometric techniques, such as Galaxy Scientific’s Advanced-ID™ algorithm, identification of materials through packaging becomes achievable.

The free download for this application illustrates the real-world utility of this technique. It details the experiment set up to analyze several raw materials inside various forms of packaging using a QuasIR™ 2000 spectrometer equipped with a diffuse reflectance fiber optic probe.


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