Meat and Meat Products

Fat, protein, and moisture not only determine the nutritive and economic value of meat and meat products but are also key process control parameters that determine the quality of end products. Near-infrared spectroscopy has been widely used for in-line and offline analysis of meat and meat products such as on-site testing of animal carcasses, ground meat analysis, and inline meat process monitoring.

Recently, with the introduction of new feed ingredients such as distiller’s dry grain (DDGS) some pork bellies are softer and contain a higher proportion of unsaturated fat, which makes the cutting process for bacon more difficult. NIR spectroscopy can be used to rapidly measure the fat content of pork bellies and adjust the speed of the cutting process, reducing product waste and downtime.

Additionally, the high performance of FT-NIR spectrometers can simultaneously measure other secondary analytes such as fatty acid profile and may be used to detect adulteration in some cases.

Galaxy Scientific offers portable, high-performance FT-NIR instruments that can be used offline (QuasIR™ 3000 or 4000) or online (QuasIR™ 2000) for meat and meat product analysis, with fast and accurate measurement of fat, protein, moisture, collagen, salt, iodine value, and other important properties.

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