Galaxy Scientific's FT-NIR for Measuring Meat Products

New Application Note: FT-NIR for Measuring Meat Products

FT-NIR for Measuring Meat Products   View the latest article from Galaxy Scientific.¬†This application note will show a simple example of testing meat for basic macronutrient content using FT-NIR spectroscopy. A calibration is shown for fresh poultry meat that analyzes protein, fat, and moisture content. The calibration model is then tested for accuracy by comparing[…]

FT-NIR Trigger probe pressing into bag

New landing page on Raw Material Identification through paper and plastic packaging using our FT-NIR spectrometer

Check out our new landing page showing our FT-NIR near infrared spectrometer where we walk through the use of our advanced aglorithm for identifying or verifying the chemical content of raw materials through plastic or paper packaging. This article shows the power of near infrared spectroscopy, free of fluorescence interference and capable of accurately verifying[…]