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Diffuse Reflectance Probe Image
Diffuse Reflectance Probe
Fiber probes are readily available from a number of sources, but many of the diffuse reflectance probes use a randomized bundle of fibers. This means that spectra acquired using two probes may be slightly different. We have solved this p... Read More
Sample Spinner Image
Sample Spinner
An optional accessory for use with integrating sphere systems, our sample spinner rotates a 98mm sample cup or standard 95mm petri dish at the precise speed required to average variations in inhomogeneous samples. Use this accessory to ... Read More
98mm Sample Cups Image
98mm Sample Cups
Our 98mm sample cups are specially designed for use with near-infrared integrating sphere systems. The cups are made from tough, yet lightweight, anodized aluminum with a 2mm quartz window. The window is made from specialty low-OH quar... Read More
Holders for Sample Spinner Image
Holders for Sample Spinner
Designed for use with the QuasIR™ 3000 and QuasIR™ 4000 Integrating Sphere Systems, Pyrex® glass containers are placed in durable, lightweight, anodized aluminum holders that perfectly fit into the spinner accessory; the... Read More
Diffuse Reflectance Trigger Probe Image
Diffuse Reflectance Trigger Probe
The Diffuse Reflectance Trigger Probe combines our high-performance, patterned diffuse reflectance fiber optics with visual and haptic feedback.  It is ideal for routine inspection and quality control analysis. Compatible with the QuasI... Read More
Travel Case Image
Travel Case
Each QuasIR™ unit conveniently fits into our optional Pelican Storm™ travel case containing everything needed to operate the system. Made of HPX® high-performance resin, the hard case can withstand extreme conditions and... Read More